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 GravityZero94's test results

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Pooping Gandalf
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PostSubject: GravityZero94's test results   Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:10 pm

Name of Tester: Pooping Gandalf                                     Name of Testee: GravityZero94
Deck of Tester: Battlin' Boxer                                         Deck of Testee: Yang Zing

Number of cards in deck: 3/3

Extra deck: 3/3

Deck Originality: 10/10

Deck Build: 10/10

Deck Consistent: 10/10

Deck Siding: 10/10

Attitude: 6/6

Responses: 7/8

Card Usage: 10/10

Concentration: 10/10

Ruling Knowledge: 10/10

Controls of duel: 6/10

Match Results: 8/8 (4 for win)

Final Results: 102 - Lord of Chaos

Congratulations and welcome! Smile

Chaos Infernity 0-69
Chaos Magician 70-79
Chaos Sorcerer 80-89
Chaos Dragon 90-99
Lord of Chaos 100-108
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GravityZero94's test results
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